Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.

2018:   1/17, 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, 5/16, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15, 9/19, 10/17, 11/28, 12/19.
2019:   1/23, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15, 6/19, 7/24, 8/21, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18.
2020:   1/22, 2/19, 3/18, 4/15, 5/20, 6/17, 7/15, 8/19, 9/23, 10/21, 11/18, 12/16.

Meeting Topics and Discussion Leaders.

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Walt Disney, Matthew Grossman, V.P. Corporate Communications & Publicity.
  Discussing: "PR and Global Brand Management."

Frito-Lay, Chris Kuechenmeister, Director of PR.
  Discussing: "Leveraging PR to Raise Market and Brand Awareness."

Netflix, Steve Swasey, Vice President, Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "Creating a Brand That Changes Things."

Viacom, Kelly McAndrew, VP, Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "PR Best Practices at Viacom."

Aston Martin, Simon Sproule, Director of Global Marketing and Communications.
  Discussing: "Marcom Integration: A Personal View."

Wells Fargo, Kathleen Leary, SVP, Communications.
  Discussing: "Five Good Ideas for Success in Public Relations and in Life."

Novell, Ian Bruce, Director Worldwide AR & PR.
  Discussing: "Making PR a Strategic Part of the Marketing Toolkit."

Sprint Nextel, Bill White, SVP - Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "Building Reputation Through New Approaches and New Techniques."

Jockey International, Mo Moorman, Public Relations Director.
  Discussing: "Tebow Time for Jockey."

Toyota Motor Sales, Michael Rouse, VP, Philanthropy & Community Affairs.
  Discussing: "Philanthropy, Community Affairs, Internal Communications."

Pitney Bowes, Matthew Broder, Vice President, External Communications.
  Discussing: "The Seven Great PR Transformations."

Domino's Pizza, Tim McIntyre, Vice President, Communications.
  Discussing: "We Sell Pizza. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

Sprint, Stephanie Greenwood, Manager, Communications.
  Discussing: "A Day in the Life of B-to-B PR."

Hilton Hotels, Leanne Pletcher, Director of Marketing Communications.
  Discussing: "PR in Paradise."

Cummins, Blair Claflin, Director of Sustainability Communications.
  Discussing: "Sustainability Communications: What it Means at Cummins."

Hexaware & SAP, Sunder Madakshira, VP Marketing and Communications.
  Discussing: "The Business Value of Communication."

America's Cup, Stephanie Martin, Chief Communications Officer.
  Discussing: "America's Cup - Sailing Through PR."

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, Mike Antonellis, Director of Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "The Expanding Role of Corporate Communications in the Business."

Rockwell Collins, Pam Tvrdy, Manager of Media Relations.
  Discussing: "Telling the Innovation Story."

Verizon Wireless, Michelle Gilbert Public Relations Manager.
  Discussing: "How To Make Social Media Work For You In Just 10 Minutes A Day."

ERM Associates, Al Decker, Founder.
  Discussing: "The Enterprise Risk Managed Business Plan."

Sun Microsystems, Stephen E. Goodman, Head of Strategy and Research.
  Discussing: "Executive Thought Leadership and Influencer Relationships."

IDG, Howard Sholkin, Director, Communications & Marketing Programs.
  Discussing: "Multi-disciplinary Approach to Meeting Business Requirements."

High Alert, Dr. Maurice Ramirez, Founder and President.
  Discussing: "The PR Food Pyramid: Feeding Your Business With Social Media Publicity."

Avery Dennison Corp, Stephanie Martin, Senior Director, External Communications.
  Discussing: "Cause Marketing: Avery Dennison's Give Back to Schools Program."

Hilton Hotels, Waikoloa Village - Leanne Pletcher, Director of Public Relations.
  Discussing: "PR and the Media."

Novartis Animal Health, Mickey McDermott, Vice President Communications-North America.
  Discussing: "Social Media and PR: A Natural Pair."

Cummins, Blair Claflin, Global Diversity Communications Manager.
  Discussing: "Diversity in Communications."

SAS, Pamela Meek, Senior Director, External Communications.
  Discussing: "Best Place to Work Ranking = Exponential Brand Enhancement."

Aflac, Laura Kane, Vice President, External Communications.
  Discussing: "Reputation Measurement."

Cargill, Vicky Li, International Communications Specialist, Corporate Affairs.
  Discussing: "Communicating to Employees Globally."

Safeway, Teena Massingill, Director of Corporate Public Affairs.
  Discussing: "Tucson Tragedy Response."

Mayo Clinic, Michael Yardley, Chair, Public Affairs Member, Brand Management Team.
  Discussing: "Encouraging Employees to Deliver the Brand Promise."

TheLadders, Maria Sekar, PR Manager.
  Discussing: "The Greatest Hits: Best Practices for Media Relations Success."

State Street Corp, Jennifer M. Grygiel, AVP, Social Business & Emerging Media Manager.
  Discussing: "Collaborate: Launching a Social Intranet."

SunGard, Jamie Serino, Vice President Communications.
  Discussing: "Better Aligning Communications Efforts with Sales."

Ryman Auditorium, Lisaann Dupont, Communications Manager.
  Discussing: "Social Media Strategy Isn't One Size Fits All, How To Figure Out What Works For Your Brand."

Rio Tinto, Florence M. Yaeger, Global Communications Manager, Communications & External Affairs.
  Discussing: "Neuroscience of Change: The 'New Science' Behind Employee Engagement."

AMC Theatres, Ryan Noonan, Director of Public Relations.
  Discussing: "Lights, Camera, Misinformation!"

The Dow Chemical Company, Patty Deutsche, Senior Manager, Public Affairs.
  Discussing: "Community Success at Dow."

Campbell Soup Company, Niki King, Manager - CSR Program Office.
  Discussing: "CSR and Sustainability Reporting."

Capital One, Richard Woods, Senior VP Corporate Affairs.
  Discussing: "New Frontiers in Reputation Management."

McGraw Hill Financial, Ted Smyth, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs.
  Discussing: "Thought Leadership: Run it Like a Campaign!"

KPMG, Ron Casalotti, Associate Director Social Media and Advertising,.
  Discussing: "Social Media and the Communications Professional."

DHL, Jennifer L. Pakradooni Director, Corporate Communications, Global Forwarding, Americas.
  Discussing: "A Media Training Refresh Exercise."

AutoDesk, Daniel Zucker, Sr. Manager, Social Media.
  Discussing: "Storytelling @ Scale."

Rio Tinto, Jennifer Russo, Communications Manager-Copper Group.
  Discussing: "The Case for Strategy and Integration."

Yellowbook, Patrick Marshall, Chief New Media Officer.
  Discussing: "Sustainability and PR."

University of Phoenix, Jenifer King, Sr. Director, Publications, Communications & Operations.
  Discussing: "Engaging the Disengaged."

Equifax, Dianne Bernez, SVP, Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "Brand/Vision Alignment."

Hertz Corporation, Allison Jackson, Director of Global Internal Communications.
  Discussing: "Aligning Communications in a Matrixed Organization."

Jamba Juice, Janice Duis, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "Managing Through a Social Media Crisis."

Smithsonian Institution, Pherabe Kolb, Associate Director of Strategic Communications.
  Discussing: "Launching a Brand Strategy."

Kaiser Permanente, Holly Potter, Vice President, Public Relations.
  Discussing: "Elevating the Voice of Customers and Influencers."

Catchpole Corp, Amy Scarlino, President & CEO.
  Discussing: "7 Steps to Establishing a Corporate Visibility Speaker Program."

Michelin, William "Billy" Crank, Senior Community Relations Manager.
  Discussing: "CSR: A Competitive Advantage."

Right On Interactive, Lauren Littlefield, Director of Marketing.
  Discussing: "WARNING: Contents May Include Public Relations."

Goodyear, Chris Curran, Vice President, Communications & PR.
  Discussing: "How to Use Big Ideas to Gain Brand Awareness ."

Viacom, Lenore Feder, Director, Corporate Responsibility & Communications.
  Discussing: "Realizing Engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility."

Equifax, Tim Klein, Vice President, Public Relations.
  Discussing: "The Story behind the Story."

Pitney Bowes, Matthew Broder, Vice President, External Communications.
  Discussing: "The Seven Great PR Transformations."

Ant's Eye View, Jake McKee, Chief Ant Wrangler.
  Discussing: "5 Tips to Engaging Bloggers."

Computerworld - InfoWorld, Paul Calento, SVP Strategic Development.
  Discussing: "Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy."

Siemens, Mendi Paschal, Director Global PR.
  Discussing: "Leveraging PR to Raise Market and Brand Awareness."

Hilton Hotels Corporation, Kathy Shepard, V.P. Corporate Communications.
  Discussing: "Best Practices in Crisis Communication."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager, Business Media Relations.
  Discussing: "Are You a Terrible Client? 8 Symptoms & Remedies."

YRC Worldwide, Mike Brown, VP Strategic Market Planning & Research.
  Discussing: "Taking the NO Out of Innovation."

Siemens, John Clendening, SVP Corporate Marketing.
  Discussing: "Simplifying a Complicated Message Through a Creative Platform and Executing It Consistently."

Cargill, Mark Klein, Director Communications.
  Discussing: "Stereotypes, Half Truths, Skewed Data and Just Plain Wrong Information."

YRC Worldwide, Veronica Jaster, Vice President Marketing Communications.
  Discussing: "Marketing: Activating Sponsorship to Connect with Customers, Employees, and your Communities."

The Allied, Brian Butler, VP Sales and Marketing.
  Discussing: "Bulls-Eye Marketing - The Power of Personalization."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager, Business Media Relations.
  Discussing: "Do you have a Green Backbone? Eight Ways to Make Sure You are a Strong Steward of your Company's Credibility in the World of Sustainability."

CNN/Turner, Adacelis Perez-Otero, Communications Manager.
  Discussing: "Cultural Differences in International Communications."

Garmin International, Jessica Myers, Senior Media Relations Specialist.
  Discussing: "Blogging: How it Fits Into Your Marketing Mix."

Allied Group, Elise Hamann, Director, Media Relations.
  Discussing: "Using PR to help you Attract, Acquire and Retain the Right Business."

IBM, Ann Cramer, Director of North America Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs.
  Discussing: "How Marketing and Communications Can Leverage Corporate Citizenship to Deliver Greatness?"

Harrah's Entertainment, David Norton, SVP Relationship Marketing.
  Discussing: "PR Strategy Case Study."

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